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Welcome to seniority_list!

seniority_list is an analytical tool used when seniority-based work groups merge. It brings modern data science to the area of labor integration, utilizing the powerful data analysis capabilities of Python scientific computing. While the software was developed with an initial focus on the airline industry, seniority_list is adaptable to any industry or group where workers operate under a seniority system.

seniority_list offers an unbiased, numerical method to measure and compare the outcome of proposed combined work group seniority lists. It is able to quantify how the careers of workers would be affected under various seniority list orderings and conditions in ways that have been difficult to measure previously.

seniority_list works by generating detailed data models (datasets) for various integration scenarios as described within a few basic Excel* spreadsheets prepared by the user. The datasets may then be thoroughly analyzed with many customizable, built-in visualization functions and statistical reports, or other user-defined methods. The program is also able to construct and modify lists in near real time, with full outcome results produced within seconds.

seniority_list does not attempt to predict the bidding preferences of individual employees. Instead, the program focus is on utilizing variables that are fixed or that can be modeled in a quantifiable state, such as birth dates, jobs available, proposed list orderings, furlough recall schedules, and special job assignment conditions or restrictions. The model is based on the assumption that all employees will bid for the highest paying or highest ranked jobs at all times. In reality, employees will make choices based on individual situations. However, the overall result of these individual choices is a group average, ultimately constrained by list positioning. seniority_list models the effect of list ordering combined with other customizable factors to provide useful, objective information for interested parties.

A complete example case study including sample input data and analysis examples is included with seniority_list.

Compared to tools which may have been used in the past, seniority_list offers:

  • speed - easily modify parameters, rerun, and generate new comprehensive reports within a few minutes

  • flexibility - wider range of data analysis through numerous function parameters and input file settings and options

  • conditional modeling - accurately model “no bump, no flush” job bidding/assignment, job assignment conditions and restrictions, changes in number and category of jobs available for bid over time, and furlough and recall

  • additional job granularity - part/full-time sections within common job compensation levels permits additional precision

  • financial studies - the model incorporates compensation data allowing individual career and cumulative group analysis and comparison

  • extensive statistical evaluation - the entire Python “scientific stack” may be utilized to evaluate list and outcome metrics

  • advanced visualization - an extensive range of chart types and features is readily available through various Python and javascript libraries

  • accuracy - designed with enterprise-level Python data science libraries and methods

  • interactive list editing - the editor tool allows list adjustments to be made and the results viewed within seconds

  • easy adaptation - the design of the program and the simple data input interface via spreadsheets makes it easy to use seniority_list with many different integration cases

  • open source - all programming code is open and available for examination and usage


seniority_list was developed independently. The program is not affiliated with any labor or industry organization and is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Please direct consulting inquiries to

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*”Excel” is defined to mean the Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet program or any other spreadsheet program which is compatible to .xlsx spreadsheet files, such as Calc.

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