converter module

converter.convert(job_dict=None, sg_list=None, count_ratio_dict=None, ratio_dict=None, ratio_onoff_dict=None, count_onoff_dict=None, dist_sg=None, dist_ratio=None, dist_count_ratio=None)[source]

Convert data relating to job assignment conditions from basic job level inputs to enhanced job level inputs

Inputs are the basic job level values for the various conditions, the job dictionary, and the distribution methods used during conversion.

This function is called within the build_program_files script when the “enhanced_job” key value within the settings dictionary is set to “True”.

job_dict (dictionary)

case_specific jd variable. This input contains full-time job level conversion percentages

sg_list (list)

case-specific sg_rights variable

ratio_list (list)

case-specific ratio_cond variable

ratio_dict (dictionary)

dictionary containing ratio condition data

count_ratio_dict (dictionary)

dictionary containing all data related to a capped ratio or count ratio condition

dist_sg, dist_ratio, dist_count (string)

options are: ‘split’, ‘full’, ‘part’

determines how jobs are distributed to the enhanced job levels.

‘split’ - distribute basic job count to full- and part-time enhanced job levels according to the ratios set in the job dictionary (jd) variable

‘full’ - distribute basic job count to corresponding enhanced full-time job levels only

‘part’ - distribute basic job count to corresponding enhanced part-time job levels only. This option could be selected if the employees with special job rights are placed in a relatively low position on the integrated list, eliminating the option of obtaining a full-time job position

The distribution type for each condition input is independent of the other condition distributions.

If these variables are not assigned, the program will default to “split”.